Saturday, December 11, 2010

my dream shoes

okay guys, forget about result okay. cuz i'm sick of it. i just got mm, okay laa.
in the range of moderate. haha, well, today i wanna share you regarding to
foot wear. i'm not sure it is considered as slipper or shoes. hhmm these are,

ooo man gladiator is really cool man, it is simple, elegant
and i like the design entirely. actually, i've been admire these
gladiators for ages. but i'm trying to search it first, is it available here,
at malaysia. huu, that was the thing that i have to make it sure.
well, anyone. if you see this gladiator, i hope you will inform me,
cuz i really wanted this gladiator. i wanna be the first one who wears
this in my campus. yeahh, so HOT bebehh

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