Monday, December 20, 2010

a sad story, his journey is now END.

muhammad farhat asyraf ( i hope i spell it right). *1992-2010
today was a day that i could not believe it's a real. i just got an incoming call
from my nephew, she told me that farhat is passed away cause from an accident.
farhat is a friend of mine since i was in childhood, if i am not mistaken, since i was ten.
he was one of my class mate for both school, sekolah rendah kebangsaan and sekolah agama.
it's still fresh in my mind when i was craved his hand without any intention, but i was
forgiven, he was a pengakap, same with me and and he liked the name of 'alex yong'.
haaa, i don't know why. he had stayed at england for some period and that is why
he liked to speak in english which sometimes it makes people annoyed. it's green in my mind!
feeling like my heart is burst, i think i am not ready to know this. ya allah! you only
gave him eighteen years for him, who could ever thought he gone after a month from his
18th birthday. i miss you farhat, indeed. we'll never see again forever, hei i just can't
bear of this sadness. i can't and you death even made me cry for many times. now,
the only thing i hope is just you happy there and may allah place you with pious people.

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