Monday, December 6, 2010

i'm not just missing them, but also my apple in my eyes.

well, i miss both of you strongly, miss your joke adrian and miss your voice and dance alep!
haha, adrian, do u still remember when you were lying down with putra, i was infront of the laptop,
browsing for suicide website, find out how to kill myself. haha, it was so drama. i was
actually jealous of what you are doing with putra, and i just being mute. but then, as i off from
the room and you take a look to the laptop, you see it was suicide web site. you laugh loudly!
and remember when i ask you to join 'syarahan' in just a few hours from now. i'm so speechless.
yeahh i admit it's my bag cuz being late to inform you. and what happen then? you keep on
blaming on me. haha, i know it's my bad. but please don't keep blaming. then, i back to my
room. drama again! i hung a rope in the fan, and pretend like wanna kill myself. and you come
to my room. that time i was in my way to hang myself. you come and you laugh again. OMG,
i miss those moments so much. and alep, i could never forget your dance and when you are
singing. it's not inspiring at all instead it's funny! HAHA, and you got many scandals. kecik,
faiz and i don't know who will be the next. but the most important is i was so happy of joining PIID.
haha, it is a platform for us. HAHA

how strong i miss my friend,
*faiz, nawi, capik, acap : 100%
*alep and adrian : 100% + 98% + 76%. HAHA

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