Monday, December 6, 2010

pals, miss you badly

who could ever thought that we'll be so close as we are now.
faiz, nawi, capik and acap are my close friends(currently) at uitm,
we were from the same course. well, i think the semester break is just rising ennui.
with a corny activity everyday; sleep, eat, online, mall.
OMG! who could refrain from this? errghh,this is why i wrote this, cuz i
miss every single moment in last semester.
faiz, nawi, capik and acap, you are such nicest person had i ever see in the world.
mm, i've some words to say to each of you, you'll be surely remember!
faiz, do you still remember when the first time we met on the roadside, near the lake.
it was in the MDS mood. and you asked me for the study fee. and you didn't believe when i said,
the cost is around 4 something, you argued me, you said it doesn't included exam fee. arrghhh!
HAHA, well actually i don't even know why was my fee is cheaper than others.
nawi, do u still remember with we did our level duty. ohh my god, so sucks. a mortification takes place when i wanna reveal this, we had to clean a toilet. and what happen then, you were watering me, you shot me with water from 'pili bomba' and i was wet! i was in anger that time, i hate you, you such cross the line when joking, you are too much! i continue with my drama, taking my luggage and make a move, let you feel GUILTY!
capik, hope you still remember who was beside you when you had a fight with izwan. haha, it was me! i was totally in your side as izwan behaved so immature. well, i thought you gonna friend with him along 3 years but unfortunately both of you had a fight. honestly, that fighting was totally childish, fight for talking back, backstabber. izwan said he couldn't bear of capik's word which make him offence. for me, i am on the fence. i don't interfere. GAGA.
acap, you definitely famous with your trademark, WASHING CLOTHS. haha, if you think it's good for you, just keep it up. or maybe you feel you don't like to see your pail full of cloths, mm that is why you wash it everyday. well, knowing you is great moment, you sometimes behave so 'skema' and i don't know why.

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